Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The WireWorkers Guild

It's DECEMBER and IF you're
living in the United Kingdom
the chances are ... you're most
probably snowed in!

So, here's an apt project
to keep you busy and warm ..


This can be made into:
* a Xmas tree decoration
* window adornment
* pendant
* earrings
* embellishment for a Xmas card
* or suspended from anything you fancy!!

1. Cut 3 x 3" (7.5cms) lengths of 0.8mm (20-gauge)

2. Cut a length of 0.4mm (28-gauge) fine wire and
bind 2 of the lengths at the centre in a X shape.

3. Place the 3rd length at the centre and
continue binding together, weaving the
fine wire in and out of the star shape to

4. Dig out some sparkly crystals and bugle
beads from your stash and begin threading
each of the projecting wires.

5. Once you've threaded one wire, create a link
with your round nosed pliers at the end. Then
start threading the opposite wire, creating a
headpin by the last crystal bead.

6. Continue threading the other projecting wires
with crystal and bugle beads, creating headpins at
each end.

7. Fill the entire the frame with beads!

8. Just when you thought you'd finished ... Cut approx.
7" (17.5cms) of 0.4mm (28-gauge) wire and secure the
centre of the length just under one of the top crystal beads
(between the clear, round crystal and the bugle bead).

9. Thread some small crystal beads onto this fine
wire and secure under the neighbouring bead.

10. Once you've completed the outer beaded frame,
secure the end of the wire and cut off any excess.

Using your fingers, push the beaded area in towards
the centre to create a 'star' shape.

11. Cut approx. 7" (17.5cms) of 0.4m
wire and thread this with small, clear
seed beads, securing and threading
around the top of the frame - between
the top bead and the headpin.

12. Once you've filled the entire frame with
small beads, cut off any excess wire and neaten
the ends.

13. To create a centrepiece for your 'snowflake' - thread a
round crystal (or bead of your choice) with some 0.4mm
(28-gauge) wire and using the very tips of your round nosed
pliers, create very small doubled-links at each end.

14. Cut approx. 5" (12.5cms) of 0.4mm (28-gauge)
wire and thread through one of the links.

Thread this wire with some small seed beads until
you've covered one side of the bead. Then thread
through the small link at the opposite end.

15. Continue threading the fine wire with more
small seed beads until you've framed the entire
perimeter of the bead.

Thread the end of the wire back through the end link.

16. Secure the wires together by twisting. Use your
cutters to snip off the any uneven ends, leaving approx.
1" (2.5cms) of twisted wire projecting.

17. Push the twisted stem through the centre of the unit
and create a spiral which can be flattened at the back.

To ensure that the central bead is completely secure,
thread another length of 0.4mm (28-gauge) wire through
the beaded sides of central bead decoration and secure
once more at the back of the unit.

18. Spend a little time re-arranging the overall
shape until you're ready to connect, or
suspend it from whatever you wish!

There are so many variations to this theme: try using
different coloured and shaped beads ...

... a pearl as a centre piece and bugle beads
around the frame ...

Keep experimenting to come up with your own
original SNOWFLAKE design!

Happy WireWorking and Keep Warm!

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