Friday, 15 October 2010

The WireWorkers Guild

C H A L L E N G E ! !

As the Guild is starting to grow
into a larger group - which by the
way, is fantastic!

... there are lots of you talented,
artistic wireworkers out there, having
fun creating stunning and beautiful
handcrafted pieces and so I was
wondering, if any of you would be
interested in a Wirework Challenge?

This would entail designing and creating
a piece from scratch under a given theme
and then emailing an image (JPEG) to
be published on this blog newsletter,
together with few descriptive words
about the piece.

This is not a competition in the conventional
sense - no one will judge. There will be no
winner. Just everyone who wishes to take
part will have the opportunity of showing
off their work and having it published on
the Guild blog.
So you will in effect, all be


*** R U L E S ***

*Theme: Flowing Streams

*Deadline for entries: 1st December 2010

*Maximum of 2 Jpeg images are allowed to
be submitted.

*Wire has to be the MAIN material, but any
other materials can be incorporated within
the piece.

*The entry can be a piece of jewellery,
or an accessory ...

*A description is encouraged, but not
essential with 100 words being maximum.

*All entries should be emailed direct to:
with the subject heading:


I also was recently involved in a BEADING
CHALLENGE, whereby, I was sent a pack
of mystery beads and findings by:

and challenged to design anything I wished
with them. You can see the results on their blog,
together with two other designers, who
were also sent the same pack of mystery
beads ... take a look on their website blog, and see
how the three designers have used the same
bead pack in such different ways:
just scroll down to see the results on:

(...and below are some of the pieces I created, just
in case, you don't get a chance to see the Beads Direct
blog ... )

Bracelet design, using black iron wire, dyed pearls, rose quartz beads and
black 'rosebud' glass beads. (Beads Direct Challenge by L. Jones)

Handbag Charm, created with black iron wire, rose quartz, pink glass
crystals, black 'rosebud' bead and pink faux suede
(Beads Direct challenge by L.Jones)

Necklace and Earrings - same black iron wire, etc...
(Beads Direct challenge by L. Jones)

The mystery pack contained, 2 small
diamante heart buckles - I struggled
to think what to do ... and then came
up with this idea of threading them
with satin ribbons and turning the
buckles into chokers - perfect for
bridesmaid/flower girl or prom jewellery.

Not only were there diamante buckles in the
mystery pack but shiny silver rings. So I used
the last of the beads to make this more
contemporary jewellery set of long necklace
chain and matching earrings.
(Beads Direct Challenge by L. Jones)

So I hope you are now ready for the WireWork Challenge - you wont be sent a mystery pack due to the postal global difficulties, so you can use whatever's in your stash, as long as WIRE is the main ingredient and you keep the theme of FLOWING STREAMS in your mind - as your piece will be labelled with that title. Please don't be put off or discouraged to enter if you're just a beginner - nothing is too small, too simple, etc... just taking part if ENOUGH!

So get your creative "thinking caps" on
I very much look forward to seeing
your entries
and publishing them ...



  1. Hi Linda, Cooo, Flowing Streams sounds like a fantastic theme for a challenge and lots to stimulate the wirey creatives! And I loved your creations from your Beady Challenge, especially the necklace and earring set. Thanks for sharing again! Sally

  2. Many thanks, Sal! I thought 'Flowing Streams' was an abstract enough theme for a wire design. Hopefully, the wire will be FLOWING the ideas will be STREAMING ...!!

    I do hope you'll have a bash at it.
    Linda x

  3. Love the Flowing Streams idea. I've only just seen this, but already the creative juices are bubbling. mmmm