Friday, 10 September 2010

The WireWorkers Guild


& BOWS !!

With the current fashion trend of
'retro' and 'vintage', B O W S
are definitely in vogue once again.

If you have already purchased my latest book:
'Making Beautiful Bead & Wire Jewellery'

you will have seen my

project on page 122 ...
which can be created in any size
with any coloured wire, decorated
with your choice of focal button or bead.

However, if you don't want to make a brooch,
how about creating a Necklace?

Read on ... and I will show you how:

1. Get together: a hammer, steel block, round and flat nosed pliers, wire cutters, pen
(or similar cylindrical mandrel),
1mm and some 0.4mm silver wire, plus one bead (or button) ...

2. Cut approx. 14" (36cms) length of 1mm silver wire and placing the tips of your round nosed pliers at the centre, wrap the wire around to form a small central loop.

3. Position your pen (or similar cylindrical mandrel)
next to one side of the central small circle and wrap
the wire around to create a larger loop. Repeat on the
other side, pulling the projecting wires down.

4. Holding one of the projecting wires firmly near
the centre, pull it around the outer perimeter of
the loop you have just created and repeat for the other
side. (Don't worry if the outer loop is not very
even ... it will add extra character!)

5. Pick up projecting ends of wire and bring
them around the centre of the double loops you
have just created, stretching and pulling them
around the central loop.

6. Using your flat nosed pliers or fingers
(whichever is easiest) pull and position each
outer double loop upwards - creating more of a
'bow' looking frame.

7. Use your flat nosed pliers to bend the projecting
wires into the 'bow' ends, leaving just enough
wire to secure and wrap around the centre of
the frame.

8. Secure the ends and flatten against the
centre of the frame and spend a little time
shaping the bow, until you are completely
satisfied with the outer framework.

9. Hammer the outer frame on a steel stake or block
to spread and flatten the wire and work harden it.

10. Thread your chosen bead (or button) onto a small
length of 0.4mm wire (approx. 3" - 7.5cms).

11. Secure the wired bead at the centre of the bow
frame and neaten the end.

... and here's what you can do with it!
Create a chain & bead necklace to
suspend it ...

... or wrap the central bead with extra wire
for a focal 'setting'.

Why not wrap and fill the framework with coloured
wire and suspend it from a safety brooch?

Alternatively, try wrapping and adding small
seed beads at the same time ...

and finally ... here are the BOW BROOCHES I created for
my book projects, the red and green ones have buttons wired
to the centre and look great attached to bags, cardigans, coats
and jackets, hats, hair bands and hairgrips .... not to mention cards!

and add your personal flair
and colour sensation!


  1. This is really pretty Linda. I really like the necklace with the gold coloured beads :D

  2. Many thanks! I've been working on this design for a while in wedding jewellery ... for hair accessories, etc..., but I now feel, that it also fits the current 'Vintage' trend.

  3. Retro styles are great. I wish you added more details about exactly what the new trends in vogue are. The bead and wire necklace looks dainty and cute.