Friday, 30 July 2010

The WireWorkers Guild

I'm sure that a lot of you
are away on your Summer
Holidays and if not away,
might be surrounded by
demanding children!
However, for those of you
who have a little 'ME' time
to spare ... here's chance
to create a beautiful
and timeless CLASP,
which is perfect for a
double strand necklace.

I call it:
as it is based on a traditional
Egyptian chain design, which
some of you might already
be familiar with.

I love creating my own clasps, as not only
do they look much better, but I can co-ordinate
the style and gauge of wire with the rest
of the piece so that it becomes totally
integrated and blends perfectly - creating
a finished piece with harmonious continuity.

Below are a few other designs that I create
for necklaces and bracelets.

But now back to the

You will need some 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire,
a hammer & steel stake, round, flat and
chain nosed pliers.

1. To begin, cut approximately 5" (12.5cms) of wire
and double it, by folding in half around the end of
your round nosed pliers.

2. Using your flat nosed pliers, squeeze
the wires together so that they run parallel.
(Optional: Hammer the tip of the doubled
wire end on a steel stake to work-harden).

3. Create spirals on each
end of the wire, curling them
up (outwardly) towards the
doubled end.

4. Using the widest part of your round
nosed pliers, bend the doubled end around
to form a hook. Use the tip of your round
nosed pliers to create a tiny 'lip' at the
end of the doubled hook.

5. To make the 'EYE' LOOP or other side
of the clasp, cut approx. 4" (10cms)
of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire and fold in
half around your round nosed pliers
to make a loop. As before, start
creating spirals on each cut end.

6. Stop curling the wire when
the spirals are level on each
side and hammer the top loop to
work harden and flatten.

7. Here's the finished item, ready
to be connected by 2 jump rings at
either end, or crimped onto nylon
filament, etc...

I've provided some basic wire measurements
to get you started, but you can use more wire
to increase the length of hook, or create
bigger spirals. Or try working with thicker gauges
for a chunky look for a heavy beaded necklace and
coloured wire for a modern twist. Alternatively,
use your flat-nosed pliers to create a square end
to the 'eye'loop ... just play around
and experiment with the style.

Here's a clasp with a
a 'heart' theme ...

... and finally, here's one of
my new flora clasps.

Be experimental with the wire and invent your
own distinctive findings. These little details
will set your pieces apart from the constant
stream of mass manufactured High Street
retail jewellery.

... and here is the classic Egyptian Spiral Chain
that the clasp is based and inspired by ...


  1. Thanks for writing this tutorial--it gave me inspiration for creating my own hook-eye clasp for a special necklace.

  2. Beautiful, I will try this, thanks

  3. Creative as can be. You can save yourself some dough also

  4. I'm a newbie to wirework. You made this look possible. Thank you

  5. How intricate but simple, your guide is easy to follow and understand. Love it thank you x

  6. How intricate but simple, your guide is easy to follow and understand. Love it thank you x

  7. I am new to wire wrapping and I love this concept. Thank you for the tutorial.

  8. Hi great tutorial. Just finished my first clasp thank you so much.