Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The WireWorkers Guild

**M A Y**

Take a look at JUNE's
magazine, which is just
about to hit the shelves ...

There is a Wedding theme
and they are also giving away
not one, but 2
F R E E metal
Butterfly charms!

I was given the task to come
up with some design inspiration
for these charms - and here are
some of the ideas I came up with ...
Maybe you would like to send some
of your ideas and designs in, so that
you can share them on the blog newsletter...

Above, is the charm which could be used as it is
(polished up or sanded down to a matt surface
with some wire wool) to create a pendant necklace,
key ring, suspended as earrings, or wired onto
a bracelet cuff ...

How about wiring it with small beads and
connecting it onto a hairband? You could
continue decorating and embellishing the
hairband and turn it into a stylish fascinator ...

A corded necklace
or lariat could
also create a fashion
statement, especially
if you added a tassel!

You could also,
add extra sparkle
onto the butterfly
frame by wiring tiny
seed or crystal beads
and create the tassel
from cut-up chains ...

How about attaching both butterfly charms onto a
key-ring finding - you'd never lose your keys again!
Or create it as a handbag charm - these make great
gifts for friends, especially if you use their
birthstone colour to fully personalise it!

I tried backing one of the butterflies with felt - you can just stitch the frame onto the material with a silver coloured or clear nylon thread.

This style of corded necklace
can be tied at varying heights
to suit different necklines,
with the pendant beads
suspended at the back
for extra detail and decoration.

I couldn't resist making a pair of statement earrings - creating a circular frame around the butterfly charms so that they had more visual impact!

And finally, I thought I should try to make something pretty and decorative ... so here's a collar choker necklace with the butterflies wired with beads and sitting pretty amongst the flowers ...

I think it's time I fluttered off!


  1. Hi Linda, I love all your butterfly designs ...but especially the dangly earrings! Are these in the May edition of the magazine? My newsagent had run out of these if it is so I'll have to go further afield, unless it's the June issue which is out already. Many thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi SkyPixie - the butterfly charm give-aways are in the June issue (No. 14) of Make Jewellery Magazine. I think it's just about to hit the shelves.

    Looking forward to doing a showcase feature on your work too!
    Best wishes - Linda