Friday, 23 December 2011


Here's a little present - a speedy make project - to ALL fellow
wireworkers. I will call it the KISS-ME-QUICK NECKLACE
as it's based on the MISTELTOE plant, which traditionally at
Christmas is used as a decoration under which to kiss your
loved ones! I believe the tradition ultimately derives from some
ancient Norse myth of Baldur ... which is far too long and complicated
a story to tell here. So, if you're really interested, you'll have
to 'google' it!!

All you need for this, is your thickest wire to hand: I used
1.25mm, however, 1mm is perfectly adequate too. Also, some
0.8mm wire, 2 white pearly beads and a chain. As for tools, your
round and flat nosed pliers, wire cutters, hammer and steel

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then, please read on:

1. Cut 3" (7.5cm) of 1.25mm wire (or 1mm) and placing
your round nosed pliers just off from the centre of the
length, wrap the wire around, bringing both ends back
down. Using your fingers (or mandrel), shape the projecting
ends into a curve on each side (as shown above).

2. Place the wire unit on a steel block and hammer the
ends in a spreading/stroking motion so that they 'mushroom'
out. Also tap the top of the link to flatten (but avoid the
crossed over wires as this will weaken them).

3. Cut 6" (15cm) of 0.8mm (20-gauge) wire and wrap
the centre of the length around the base of the top link
to secure, pulling the extending wires out in either side.

4. Thread one of your pearl beads (about 8mm diameter)
onto one of the projecting wires and push it right up to
the link. Press and wrap the wire around the perimeter
of the bead and with your round nosed pliers, create a
small circle at the very end of the wire.

5. Continue curling the wire to create a spiral at the
end, right up until you reach the pearl bead ...

... press the
spiral over the
front of the

6. Thread a second pearl bead (mine was
slightly smaller) and wrap the end around
the perimeter of the bead (as before) and
continue wrapping it around the back of the
bead. Press the end against the back of the bead
with your chain nosed pliers to ensure that there is
no spiky end protruding.

7. Now all you have to do is attach it to
a jump ring and suspend it from a chain!
And 'hey presto'! you've made a "Kiss-me-
Quick" Necklace!!

8. P.S. If the hammered ends don't 'mushroom'
out quite as expected on your first attempt ...
(because after all, hammering IS an acquired
technique and does take a little practice !) ...
just curl them up with the tips of your round nosed
pliers and you've got a new unique beaded

AND ... also, here's another idea ...
how about making it a little more
festive with a red ribbon!

FOR 2012!!

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